Strategic Group Process

A physician group's success is not based upon a timeline or a 1-2-3 series of discrete steps.  Picture, instead, the image of an atom, each of its electrons representing a discrete subprocess, each of which continues independently and all of which, combined, form a unified whole.

The Mark F. Weiss Law Firm works with physician group clients, both in hospital based and office based specialties, to achieve what they truly seek:  Exploitation of opportunities and increased profits, avoidance of problems and management of risk -- in a manner that lessens, not increases, the complications in their lives and businesses.

The centerpiece of this approach is a multi-strategy process called The Strategic Group Process™, developed from our work with hospital-based groups over the past three decades.  The process provides a road map for you to explore your group's alternatives and strategize for its future.  It also serves as an overlay to the relationship between us in which work on specific initiatives and projects is coordinated with your overall goals.

The Strategic Group Process™ includes, when appropriate,The Contracting Continuum™, the essential tool for hospital-based groups with, or seeking, exclusive contracts.  The Continuum, implemented as a part of the larger Strategic Group Process™ has led to results in which "take it or leave it" offers of $60,000 in stipend support have been turned into $1.2 million per year over a multi-year contract.

The Strategic Group Process™ avoids the major complicating factors of traditional legal work:  Traditional legal work is engaged on a “piecemeal” basis, without coordination with your overall goals; it is generally focused reactively on problems, not proactively on the mitigation of dangers, exploitation of opportunities, and the multiplication of your strengths.  Traditional legal work does nothing to control the level of complexity -- to the contrary, it often increases it. 

Access to these processes greatly accelerates resolving legal and business issues.  Although each process is a structure, the implementation is specific to your opportunities, dangers and strengths.  This is by no means the usual consulting approach of forcing the client into a predetermined box -- rather, it embodies our desire to assist you in assessing your situation, establishing clear goals, and developing a plan to achieve those goals.

We call the initial strategy of the process, The Focused Future Advantage™ -- it involves an analysis of where your group presently is and, through a series of tools and discussions focuses the group on its envisioned future. The process continues through a series of subprocesses including, among others:

•  The Group Organizational Review™
•  The Unique Experience Planner™
•  The Organizational Matrix™
•  The Facility Relationship Matrix™
•  The Payor Snapshot™
•  The Billing and Collection Analysis™
•  The Data Collection Technique™
•  The Alternative Income Explorer™
•  The Quarterly Strategic Navigator™
The Strategic Group Process™ is designed to transform your group practice beyond its perceived present boundaries.  It accomplishes this through a process that simplifies the complex and brings proactive coordination to what would otherwise be a series of uncoordinated, reactive moves far less likely to provide the impetus for the accomplishment of your imagined future.

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