Traditionally, legal work, from a client's point of view, involves identifying a problem that requires a solution. Traditionally, legal work, from a law firm's point of view, involves waiting for a client to approach it with a problem that requires a solution. 

But the biggest problem your business faces is the problem of not knowing that you have a problem

Imagine the value of being able to benefit from a solution to a significant business/legal issue that you didn't know to exist.  A solution that you can profit from directly or that can empower you to avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars, or more, in potential losses. 

Applied Legal Strategies™ is an initiative in which The Mark F. Weiss Law Firm works on its own account to identify areas of challenge -- of potential catastrophic loss and of transformative profitability -- and then crafts business and legal solutions you can implement prophylactically or prospectively. 

Currently, we offer the following Applied Legal Strategy™:


Medical groups and other employers often spend years and significant dollars developing their employed and subcontracted physicians as well as their owner-physicians.  Those efforts include divulging trade secrets and other confidential information to those physicians in the course of their activities on behalf of the group.  If and when those physicians leave the group to compete against it, the loss can be devastating.

Some states permit enforcement of covenants not to compete, others do not.  Even in those jurisdictions which recognize covenants not to compete, there may be limits or restrictions on the circumstances in which protection is granted a former group. 

The Rights Protection Solution™ offers a unique process through which groups protect themselves against competition by former colleagues.  It serves to make it less likely that a physician will leave the group.  And, it serves to make if less likely that a physician leaving the group will choose thereafter to compete with the group.  The Rights Protection Solution™ has application both in jurdisdictions that enforce and that do not enforce covenants not to compete. 

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