Mark Weiss's Advisor Program

The Advisor Program, is our "general counsel" and trusted advisor program for solo physicians, including those just completing their residencies as well as for physician leaders of medical groups.  Its focus is on your overall career development and on leadership skills, not on specific projects. The program is designed to provide an extremely high level of personal guidance. 

Admission to the program is upon application – space is highly limited.  If you are otherwise qualified for the program and no space is currently available, you will be placed on a waiting list, with entry to the program awarded on a first come, first served basis.

The Advisor Program consists of six months of regularly scheduled phone calls, one hour or so every two weeks, plus unlimited access to me by email, fax and written correspondence in the interim between calls.  In addition, written tools and materials are provided as appropriate. 

In order to separate those who are committed to career growth from the great bulk of your competitors, the fee for solo physicians is $17,500, an amount that is not even a rounding error in terms of a successful career.  The fee for group leaders depends on the size of your group; contact me directly for information.  The fee is due in advance; it may be paid in installments, but participation will not commence until paid in full.  

The program does not involve specific legal projects (for example, review of your employment agreement), legal research and planning and the like.  It consists of access to my overall guidance, wisdom and experience in having dealt with a plethora of individual physician and group leader career and leadership issues over the past 30-plus years.  Guidance is strategic (for example, in terms of how to approach challenges and opportunities) as well as tactical (for example, what to ask and say at a meeting).

Contact me directly for information.  Together, we will make the decision as to whether the Advisor Program is right for you.