The cost of replacing a physician who has left your group can run anywhere from the mid five figures to more . . . much more, depending on the circumstances. 

For example, it can cost a hospital-based group hundreds of thousands of dollars in locum tenens expense, recruiting fees, travel and meals for interviewees even before a permant hire commits.  And, then there's relocation expenses and the loss in income due to the lag in credentialing.

The cost of losing a physician is exacerbated when that physician leaves the group in possession of your valuable trade secrets and confidential information.  The cost is increased even more when that physician leaves to compete directly against you.

Even if your state permits enforcement of covenants not to compete in some circumstances, those covenants may or not actually be enforceable in the situation that matters.

The Rights Retention Solution™, a proprietary strategy of Advisory Law Group developed as a part of its Applied Legal Strategies™ initiative, provides qualified medical groups and other employers another level of protection of your rights.  It serves to discourage competition in violation of your rights as well as competition in general.

To discuss whether your group qualifies for the application of the Solution, contact Mark F. Weiss.

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