How to Profit From Telemedicine And Related Technology In Texas

Telemedicine. It’s the future and it’s arrived no matter what the Medical Board rules or the courts do in any particular case.
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Update on Deadline to Refund Overpayments To Avoid Draconian Penalties

Overview of a recent federal court case dealing with the remittance of "reverse false claims" as stipulated by the False Claims Act (FCA) and what it means for physicians, facilities and other providers.
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The Impending Death of Hospitals: How To Plan Your Practice’s Survival

Having fallen for the fallacy that there’s profit in market share, hospitals have gorged on acquisitions and on employment and alignment of physicians. 

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Medical Group Mergers And Acquisitions And Alternatives
Some days, it seems as if everyone, from anesthesia groups to vascular surgery practices, is talking about selling their practice to a larger group, to private equity investors, or to a hospital. 

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Breaking News On Kickbacks: The Latest On The Company Model - Audio & Video Version
As the healthcare economy becomes more strained, the pace of illegal kickback activity has increased. 

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Double Indemnity: Putting Yourself At Risk For Millions – The Interplay Between Insurance And Indemnification Provisions In Your Hospital And Physician Contracts

They may look like boilerplate, but your feet might be in the boiler’s fire if you haven't properly thought through the impact and interplay of the indemnification and insurance provisions in your contracts with hospitals and with providers
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Disruptive Strategies In Healthcare: Designing Them And Dealing With Them

Believing that the future of the business of healthcare will be a projection of, or incremental improvement over, today's reality is a fool's game.

Although predicting the specifics of the future is impossible, it's certain to involve disruptive strategies. 
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The Fast Group--Medical Group Governance For Today's Market

In an increasingly competitive, increasingly hospital-centric world, the saying "money likes speed" is more true than ever. Yet many medical groups have doomed themselves to stasis, or worse, as a result of their defective governance structure. 

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Why Your Medical Group Needs A New Contracting Strategy 

No matter your political bent, there's no doubt that society is becoming increasingly affected by "we" think, from concepts of shared sacrifice, to paying your fair share, to "giving back."   

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Reverse Engineering A National Group Takeover Of Your Facility Contract
Like a neutron bomb, national or large regional groups wants to take over your facility contract, vaporize your group, and cherry-pick your desirable assets: your physicians and other providers. 

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How to Stay Out of Jail: The Latest On Management Fees and The Company Model of Anesthesia and Other Specialty Services

There's a metastasizing trend among surgery centers and their surgeon owners: establishing entities to coordinate the provision of anesthesia services to their patients – and to capture the profits. 

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How to Deal With RFPs For Physician Services

More and more hospitals are disrupting their relationships with hospital-based and office-based physicians.
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If Surgeons Can Legally Profit From Anesthesia At An ASC, Will Hospital Anesthesia & Radiology Be Next?

If surgeons can use so-called “company model” entities to capture the profits of anesthesia providers at their ASCs, they’ll soon be demanding their “cut” of anesthesia at the hospital. 

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How To Block Referring Physicians From Profiting From Your Hospital-Based Anesthesia or Radiology Services
With increasing financial pressure from flat or decreasing reimbursement and rising costs, surgeons and other referring physicians are beginning to look for ways to generate additional income. 

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