How to Deal With RFPs For Physician Services

More and more hospitals are disrupting their relationships with hospital-based and office-based physicians.

The favored tool?  The request for proposal, commonly known as an "RFP."

How can an RFP be avoided?

Do you respond?

How do you respond?

How can the rules be bent?

These are among the issues discussed in this recording of an ALG Webinar.  You’ll receive practical and actionable information for your group’s immediate application.

After viewing the recording or listening to the audio of this ALG Webinar, you'll have:

  • An understanding of the three types of RFPs

  • Knowledge of the strategies and tactics used to avoid RFPs

  • Awareness of the major defect in the RFP process

  • Knowledge of strategies and tactics used to respond to RFPs

  • An understanding of the importance of a strategy aimed outside of the RFP process itself

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