How To Block Referring Physicians From Profiting From Your Hospital-Based Anesthesia or Radiology Services

With increasing financial pressure from flat or decreasing reimbursement and rising costs, surgeons and other referring physicians are beginning to look for ways to generate additional income. A prime example: the use of so-called "company model" entities to capture the profits of anesthesia providers at ASCs.

But that is just the beginning. If the company model withstands attack, they'll soon be demanding their "cut" of anesthesia and radiology services at the hospital.

Purchase our knowledge product and you'll learn the steps that all hospital-based groups must take to block referring physicians from grabbing your lunch.

We'll discuss:

  • Regulatory issues and how they can be leveraged to your advantage.
  • Strategy in respect of your relationship with the hospital.
  • Tactics that your group can implement immediately.
  • Tactics, including contractual provisions, that you can implement long term.

The value provided is equal to the profit your group has to protect times the number of years that you'll be practicing at that facility.

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