California’s AB 72 RedPaper: From“Surprise Medical Bills” to 

Physicians’ Economic Ills in One Legislation

California’s legislature and Governor said that they were protecting patients from the evils of “surprise” out-of-network billing. But their solution is 

likely to have a disastrous, and perhaps completely foreseen, impact on California physicians and medical groups, even those who are in-network.   

7 Common Mistakes When Forming A Hospital-Based Medical GroupTM RedPaper

In this short RedPaper, I reveal seven of the most common mistakes that I see when physicians form hospital-based medical groups.

Of course there are a lot more than seven, but these seven are strangely common.

Reverse Engineering A National Group Takeover Of Your Facility ContractTM RedPaper

Like a neutron bomb, national or large regional groups want to take over your facility contract, vaporize your group, and cherry-pick your desirable assets: your physicians and other providers.

By understanding their approach, you'll drastically increase your group's chances for survival. 

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The Practice Protector ProcessTM RedPaper

There is an increase in medical group failures as hospitals and predatory national groups, facilitated by government regulators, continue their onslaught against traditional private practice.

Your future as written by them:  Employment as a fungible, commodity-based provider. 

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How To Save Your Billing Business from Becoming Collateral Damage In The War 

Against Physician Independence RedPaper

You've built a successful billing business by doing extraordinary work for groups in your area region or even nationally.
But as hospitals terminate your clients' contracts in favor of large national or regional physician groups and management companies, and as hospitals convert from contracting with groups to simply hiring their physicians, the market for billing and collection will consolidate, leaving many billing services without a sufficient client base. 

In other words, your business is becoming collateral damage in the war against independent hospital-based medical groups.

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