Disruptive Strategies In Healthcare: Designing Them And Dealing With Them

Believing that the future of the business of healthcare will be a projection of, or incremental improvement over, today's reality is a fool's game.

Although predicting the specifics of the future is impossible, it's certain to involve disruptive strategies. Think, for example, of the disruption to the private practice of medicine resulting from the blossoming hospital-centric worldview. But are you aware of the disruptive strategies aimed at shattering that worldview?

There are only two sides to the healthcare coin: figure out a way to disrupt the current practice model or figure out how to deal with someone else's disruption.

By purchasing you'll understand the role of disruption in healthcare, you'll learn of disruptive events currently on the horizon, you'll learn key elements in designing disruptive strategies and you'll understand how best to protect your practice from someone else's disruption.

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