March 31, 2014
Hospital Relationships: Understanding The Concept of "Switching Costs"
I Went To A Food Fair. Can Referral Sources Find You?
All Things Personal

February 28, 2014
Medical Group Acquisitions And Alternatives
Efforts Don't Necessarily Equal Value
All Things Personal

January 31, 2014
Beyond The Exclusive Contract: Co-Management Agreements For Hospital-Based And Office-Based Groups
Your Exclusive Contract Is About To Be Non-Exclusive
All Things Personal

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Mark's article OIG Opinion Adds Clarity to Illegality of Company Model was published in the February issue of Anesthesiology News. Read or download here as a PDF.

Mark's article Doctors Rush To Employment as Corporate America Lays off Workers was published both in General Surgery News and Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News each in December 2013. Read or download here as a PDF.

Mark's article Anesthesia Profits Are Off-Limits published in the digital edition of the Outpatient Surgery Magazine Online in December 2013. Read or download here as a PDF.

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Improving the Health of Healthcare Providers Through Strategic Representation™.

Increase your profit.  Manage your risk. 

We partner with medical groups, entrepreneurial physicians and other healthcare providers, healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical and other medical product companies to achieve transformational results.  

We represent clients with state, national and international interests.

We take an integrative approach to assisting you in achieving your goals.
Unfortunately, lawyers sometimes view the world though a microscope – one trained to see the minutia of the “legal” issue and, as a result, ignore virtually everything else.  As a result, they preach a purely “legal solution” that can be worthless in terms of any practical benefit for you.  

We view the world differently:  We operate on the same entrepreneurial level as do you.  We understand that the legal issues involved are intertwined with your business issues and cannot be separated.  We understand that psychological and political issues often transcend the obvious issues.  We understand that advising you involves evaluating the issues, fashioning our advice, and implementing a solution, all on multiple levels.    

We have developed specific, propriety processes to address both physician group, entrepreneurial physician, and healthcare entity representation.  Click here to learn more about the Strategic Group Process™.

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