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How To Avoid The Second Biggest Mistake Medical Group Leaders Make

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Hospitals Beg To Be Aligned By Physicians!

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Augmented Unreality And Medical Group Success

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Conflicts of Interest: Do You Have One?

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Community Hospitals Must Change Or Die. Change Presents Opportunity For Entrepreneurial Physicians

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FTC Challenge to Sanford Health/Mid Dakota Clinic Physician Group Merger and The Lesson For You

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Creative Destruction Blows Up Hospital System

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Uncompensated Medical Directorship leads to $3.2 Million False Claims Act Settlement

Wednesday, December 12

Take A Minute (Clinic) to Consider the Future of Your Medical Practice

Tuesday, December 11

Creating New Healthcare Ventures Without Outside Capital

Monday, December 10

No Matter How Hard They Tri[Care], Another Compounded Medicine Scam Creams Out

Thursday, December 6

How Many Felonies Have You Committed Today?

Wednesday, December 5

Record Bust: 601 Defendants, Including 165 Doctors, Nurses and Other Licensees Charged With Over $2 Billion in Fraud

Tuesday, December 4

Walmart Explores New Healthcare Delivery Concept

Monday, December 3

Breaking News: Former Tenet Hospital Executives Facing Criminal Trial for Kickbacks

Thursday, November 29

CMS Cuts Payments to Hospital Outpatient Clinics By 40% and Boosts Independent Physician Practice and Physician-Owned Facilities

Wednesday, November 28

Hospital-Physician Owned ASC Sues Freedom Loving Physician Entrepreneurs for Competing

Tuesday, November 27

The Failure of Public Education and the Hospital System Near You

Monday, November 26

News Flash: Physician Dissatisfaction Highest Among Those Employed by Hospitals and Investor-Owned Entities

Thursday, November 22

Fined For Actual And Potential HIPAA Violations!

Wednesday, November 21

Learn About Negotiation from a (Not So) Dead Opossum

Tuesday, November 20

Physician Misery Index Jumps Up Due To Dissatisfaction

Monday, November 19

How Walmart's Latest Healthcare Announcement Can Be Your Key To Higher Prices

Thursday, November 15

Physician Behind Bars For Referrals: Kickbacks, Bribes, and Mail Fraud

Wednesday, November 14

4.89 Billion (Dollar) Reasons for Physicians to Love Owning Surgery Centers

Tuesday, November 13

Hospitals Are Closing Faster Than New Ones Are Opening

Monday, November 12

Why You Must Know About A University's Captive Medical Group Filing Bankruptcy

Thursday, November 8

Clueless and Dangerous: "Your Medical Records Are Safe Because They're Entered into Our System"

Wednesday, November 7

There's an App for that HIPAA Violation

Tuesday, November 6

Hospitals Beg To Be Aligned By Physicians!

Monday, November 5

CMS Cuts Payments to Hospital Outpatient Clinics By 40% and Boosts Independent Physician Practice and Physician-Owned Facilities

Thursday, November 1

Blowing Up Your ASC Because Of Confusion Of Purpose

Wednesday, October 31

Dr. Drug Dealers Chill Legitimate Pain Medicine Practice

Tuesday, October 30

Do What You Say You're Going to Do

Monday, October 29

Community Hospitals Must Change Or Die. Change Presents Opportunity For Entrepreneurial Physicians

Thursday, October 25

The Combination To Joint Ventures

Wednesday, October 24

Don't Incentive for What You Shouldn't Get

Tuesday, October 23

Huge Hospital Merger: Who's It Good For?

Monday, October 22

One Giant Leap Toward Success: Avoid One Simple Misstep For "Fraud-kind"

Thursday, October 18

$2.6 Billion Collected By Feds From Compliance Cheats. ROI Makes Warren Buffet Look Like An Amateur.

Wednesday, October 17

Why Discarding Democracy Improves Your Group's Chances of Success

Tuesday, October 16

Is Pink (Slip) The New Black For Healthcare Contracts?

Monday, October 15

4.89 Billion (Dollar) Reasons for Physicians To Love Owning Surgery Centers

Thursday, October 11

Are You Lying About The Present and Shortchanging Your Future?

Wednesday, October 10

Direct Contracting - Part 2: Clear Your Mind of the Lies that Bind (Your Thinking)


January 31, 2019

Anesthesia Company Model Arrangement Fuels $1.718 Million Dollar FCA Settlement by a Surgeon and a Separate Guilty Plea By Another Doctor Defendant

December 31, 2018

False Claims And Faulty Brains: Letting The Fox Into The False Claims Act Henhouse

All Things Personal

Podcast Compilation 

November 30, 2018
CMS Boosts Independent Physician Practice and Physician-Owned Facilities: Cuts Payments to Hospital Outpatient Clinics By 40% and Increases Payments to ASCs by 2.1%
All Things Personal
Podcast Compilation - Strategy Edition 1.0

October 31, 2018
More Then 50 of the Over 353 Questions Every High Performing Medical Group Leader Must Ask Him or Herself: A Self-Diagnostic
All Things Personal
Compilation Podcast: Strategy

September 30, 2018

Far Too "Friendly Physician" To Plead Guilty In $60 Million Healthcare Fraud. Will Murder Charges Follow?

Payor Agreements and Hidden False Claims Act and Criminal Traps.
All Things Personal

August 31, 2018

How to Control the Context of Negotiation to Maximize your Outcome

Risky Behavior and Healthcare Businesses

All Things Personal

July 31, 2018

FTC Challenges Physician Group Merger: The Lesson For You

OIG Fraud Alert on Physician Compensation

All Things Personal

June 30, 2018

Direct Contracting By Physicians and Medical Groups

Bedless Hospitals and Physician Opportunities

What's Your Healthcare Leader Mindset and How Does it Compare?

May 31, 2018

Off To Jail For 38th Doctor Convicted In Lab Scheme

Who’s Your Competition?

All Things Personal

April 30, 2018

Medicare Strike Force Isn’t Super Troopers, But They Indict Two Healthcare Executives Anyway
The Problem With Compensation Surveys – Why Assume That You’re Average?

All Things Personal

March 31, 2018

The Third Way: An Alternative Business Structure For Hospital-Based Groups
CVS, Aetna and Your Practice

All Things Personal

February 28, 2018

Socialism Is Alive and Well Within Medical Groups

Bedless Hospitals and Physician Opportunities

All Things Personal

January 31, 2018

RFPs: Reality, Unicorns, and Cognitive Bias

Provision of Staff, Payment of Expenses Leads to Federal AKS Violation

All Things Personal

December 31, 2017

From Steelworkers to Surgeons: Gainsharing and Physician Groups

Physicians Must Brand Their Role in Healthcare or Suffer the Consequences 

2018 New Year's Un-Resolutions


November 30, 2017

Compliance Risk as Side Effect to the Shift to Outpatient Care

Why You Must Understand How Sky-High Hospital CEO Turnover Impacts Your Practice?

All Things Personal

Medical Group and Healthcare Facility: Comfort Zone Or Continued Existence, Your Choice

What's A Medical Group Compensation Plan For?

All Things Personal

September 30, 2017

State Regulators Take Antitrust Aim at Aggressive Health System Competition

Where's the Future?

All Things Personal

August 31, 2017
The Four Circles

Is Your Medical Group Stealing From Its Future?
All Things Personal

July 31, 2017

What You Need To Know About The Flea That (Metaphorically) Killed The Medical Center CEO
Why You Must Know How Framing 
Changes Value

All Things Personal

June 30, 2017

The Medical Group Governance Matrix

Medical Group and Healthcare Facility: Comfort Zone Or Continued Existence, Your Choice

All Things Personal

May 31, 2017

Little Mercy For Mercy Hospital: Government Gets $34 Million Settlement in Whistleblower Case 

The Devaluation of Value Based Billing

All Things Personal

April 30, 2017
What You Need to Know About The Bedless Hospital That You Can Build
Bastiat, A Magician, And Medical Group Decision Making
All Things Personal

March, 31 2017
43rd Conviction in Lab Scam Kickback Case: What You Need To Know
An Alternative Structure For Medical Group Compensation
All Things Personal

February, 28, 2017
TeamHealth Coughs Up $60 Million to Settle False Claims Act Allegation 
What You Don't Know About The OIG Fraud Alert On Physician Compensation Can Hurt You
All Things Personal 

January 31, 2017

Why Your Compliance Efforts May Be Worthless

Why Your Price Has Nothing To Do With Cost

All Things Personal

December 30, 2016

Hospital Killing Provisions Of 21st Century Cures Act Boost Physician Entrepreneurship
Don't Incentivize For What You Shouldn't Get
2017 New Years Un-Resolutions

November 30, 2016

Obamacare And Post Election Certainty. Well, More or Less.

How To Prevent Your Medical Group From Getting Robbed Of Its Staff. 
All Things Personal

Physicians, Pharmacists and Fraudsters Squeezed In Pain Cream Scam

A Clear Picture Of The Future Of Medical Practice

All Things Personal

What You Need To Know About Bedless Hospitals And Your Future

When You Fail To Set Strategy

All Things Personal 

August 31, 2016
Wal-Mart and The Expansion of Hospital and Medical Group Liability

How To Not Deal With Performance Problems

All Things Personal

July 29, 2016

iPhone or Pay Phone? HIPAA Business Associate Loses Cell Phone And Pays $650,000 to HHS

Why Document The Values Of A Group Member's Interest?

All Things Personal

June 30, 2016

Major Expansion Of False Claims Act

Aetna Obtains $37 Million Judgement Against ASC Manager

All Things Personal

May 31, 2016

Pills, Capsules, and Kickbacks: Drug Manufacturer Pays $125 Million
Your Exclusive Contract Is About To Be Non Exclusive
All Things Personal

April 29, 2016

Payors Conducting War Against Out of Network Facilities

A Clear Picture Of The Future of Medical Practice

All Things Personal 

March 31, 2016

Federal Government Sets Clock For Return of Medicare Overpayments: Be Late At Your Own Peril

You're Dead. Now what? Succession and Medical Group Governance

All Things Personal

February 29, 2016

Compounding The Kickback Problem

Climate Change and Hospital-Controlled Medicine

All Things Personal

Climate Change and Hospital-Controlled Medicine  
4.5 Things Magic Mountain Taught Me About Your Business.
2016 New Year's Un-Resolutions
Climate Change and Hospital-Controlled Medicine  

What's Your Healthcare Leader Mindset Score?
Find Out!

The Medical Group Governance MatrixTM
We all hear, and most of us say, that the pace of change in healthcare is quickening. That means that the pace of required decision-making is increasing, too. Unless, that is, you want to take the “default” route. That’s the one is which you let someone else make the decisions that impact you; you’re just along for the ride. Of course, playing a bit part in scripting your own future isn’t the smart route to stardom. But despite your own best intentions, perhaps it’s your medical group’s governance structure that’s holding you back. In fact, it’s very likely that the problem is systemic. The Medical Group Governance Matrix introduces a simple four-quadrant diagnostic tool to help you find out. It then shows you how to use that tool to build your better, more profitable future. 

The Medical Group Governance Matrix can be purchased at Amazon or you can download a complimentary copy here.
Success. Even more success. It’s what you want. Welcome to the club, which appears to be getting more exclusive every day, not due to evolution but to self-selection. Of course, sometimes we get stuck, or at least delayed, by the problems that pop up, blocking the way. But for many, the problem is that they don’t know what the problem is. I’ve been working with medical group leaders with the aim of increasing their group’s profits and managing their risk of loss for over 30 years. Does that mean that I have all of the answers? No. But what I do have is a point of view, a way of thinking about your success. So go ahead and start reading now. No one is going to do it for you. Which, by the way, is thinking tool number one.

The Success Prescription: Thinking Tools For Medical Group Leaders
is available for purchase in hard copy or in Kindle format on Amazon or you can download a complimentary copy here.

Download Now >>
Having fallen for the fallacy that there’s profit in market share, hospitals have gorged on acquisitions and on employment and alignment of physicians. Many physicians have been willing participants through practice sales and in the belief that there’s safety in hospital employment. But it’s becoming evident that physician employment leads to losses and that integrated care delivers neither better care nor lower costs. And now, technology is about to moot many of the reasons for a hospital’s existence. How can your practice survive and even thrive in the post-hospital world?

The Impending Death of Hospitals is available for purchase in hard copy or in Kindle format on Amazon or you can download a complimentary copy here.
Today’s medical groups must confront multiple challenges: The impact of Obamacare. Increasing commoditization. More competition, not just from other physicians and medical professionals, but also from hospitals, investor-owned groups, and disruptive ventures. Yet at the same time, the future of healthcare offers medical groups tremendous opportunity.

This small book is a collection of essays, of thoughts as thinking tools for your success. Read. Think. Succeed. Repeat.

Success Or Failure? Strategic Tools For Medical Group Leaders
is available for purchase in hard copy or in Kindle format on Amazon or you can download a complimentary copy here.
Some days, it seems as if everyone, from anesthesia groups to vascular surgery practices, is talking about selling their practice to a larger group, to private equity investors, or to a hospital.

The reality is that some practices can be sold, some can never be sold, and some have nothing to sell.

The reality also is that there are a number of strategic alternatives to a practice sale.


A perfect storm of factors is accelerating the market for hospital-based medical group mergers and acquisitions.  


Hospital-Based Medical Group Mergers, Acquisitions & Alternatives is available for purchase in hard copy or in Kindle format on Amazon or you can download a complimentary copy here.

Improving the Health of Healthcare Providers Through Strategic Representation™.

Increase your profit.  Manage your risk. 

We partner with medical groups, entrepreneurial physicians and other healthcare providers, healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical and other medical product companies to achieve transformational results.  

We represent clients with state, national and international interests.

We take an integrative approach to assisting you in achieving your goals.
Unfortunately, lawyers sometimes view the world though a microscope – one trained to see the minutia of the “legal” issue and, as a result, ignore virtually everything else.  As a result, they preach a purely “legal solution” that can be worthless in terms of any practical benefit for you.  

We view the world differently:  We operate on the same entrepreneurial level as do you.  We understand that the legal issues involved are intertwined with your business issues and cannot be separated.  We understand that psychological and political issues often transcend the obvious issues.  We understand that advising you involves evaluating the issues, fashioning our advice, and implementing a solution, all on multiple levels.    

We have developed specific, propriety processes to address both physician group, entrepreneurial physician, and healthcare entity representation.  Click here to learn more about the Strategic Group Process™.